Lullabies & Baby Music

Lullabies and Baby Music to Inspire your Little Ones
Newborn baby
Being a parent is arguably one of the most rewarding ‘jobs’ we as adults can have in our
lifetimes. However, this wonderful experience is not without its challenges, particularly
for new parents.

Baby music and lullabies have long been synonymous with soothing irritable infants. But research has shown they can also be used to build cognitive abilities in your child at an early age and to strengthen the bond between baby and parent.

With these objectives in mind, Dreams & Lullabies has created our exclusive Lullabies
Collection. This series helps to create a special feeling of love and contentment for your
baby as it naturally calms, relaxes and helps them fall asleep to the soothing and
comforting magic of this music. At the same time, these baby songs enhance your child’s
emotional and neurological development.

Every piece of music has been carefully selected to provide the ideal qualities necessary
to soothe your baby. Additionally, the Lullabies Collection has been scientifically
designed and produced so the music gets more complex from month to month as your
baby grows and develops, thus nourishing their brain.

Discover the serene environment this baby music creates for you and your little ones.
Listen to a selection of music from this series using our audio player below:

This unique series is available through a cost-effective monthly subscription program.
The subscription series is delivered to your desktop or mobile device once a month for a
period of up to one (1) year. The collection can also be purchased as individual music downloads.

By subscribing to the Lullabies Collection, you will expose your child or grandchild to a
wide range of music, everything from baby lullabies to children’s nursery rhymes, and
from classical music to jazz, new age and contemporary.

To purchase this collection, or to learn more about it and our other music and audio
products, please visit our eStore today.


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